This is the continuation of "recovering spawning area". Chum salmon came to small stream as trial area for spawning. They also made spawning bed. 2018 Sep.16

人のチカラで/recovering spawning area


New trial was started to recover spawning area in Toyohira river from early Sep. Digging the earth and sand take away the lid of small stream, and makes its flow again. To be continued.

2018 early of Sep.

秋のご馳走/taste of the season


I found the Brown dipper at Naka-no river in the  town area of Sapporo. The Brown dipper took the feast of the season. 

2018 Sep.30



2018 Sep.27

草刈りの後で/after mowing

豊平川の河川敷にカモメを見つけました。ふだんは水辺なのになぜ河川敷? 草刈りするとエサを見つけやすくなる?

This gull takes some meal at the riverbed instead of a waterside. Mowing would make it easier to find feeds.

2018 Aug.27

お気に召すまま/as you like it


On spawning of chum salmon,  female digs the gravel to make spawning bed. But sometimes male digs, for what?

2018 Aug. 26 

夏の戦い/summer fight


From Aug. Chum salmon comes up this area in Chitose river. Only in Jul. there is no salmon near here.

2018 Aug. 26

川辺にて/going their way


You can find many wild birds at Toyohira river,Sapporo. These Mallards are most friendly for us to watch.

2018 Aug. 23

分流の夏/small stream small fish


The branch flow for recovering spawning area was changed by big flood in July. Now it is so small stream but give the favorite place to japanese dace babies.

2018 Aug. 18

支流の夏/Tributary Summer


I looked for char in the tributary of the Sorachi River in the summer. Carefully progressing a small flow, you can meet the growing fish.

2018 Aug.12

どちらにとっても/chance for them and us


High water in the summer helps Masu Salmon to go up. But Urban life is very hard for them.

2018 Aug. 11

飛んで泳いで/jump and swim


When I entered the river from the forest road in Shiraoi town, it was a mouse that had eyes. Just before, Ezo sable crossed the car.

2018 Aug. 6

夏はここにいます/summer place


In the summer, masu salmon are swimming at the exit of the fish way. The depth and flow speed could be nice to them.

2018 Aug. 5

夏の生まれです/born in the summer


The summer of 2018 is very hot. Then I tried exploring the mountain stream of Hiyama and there were fish in the summer born there.

寄り添います/getting close


For Ito in east-side, July is a time to get out from the gravel in the river. Leaves and twigs help them to grow.

静寂を破るもの/noisy and crowded


In Middle of July, in the early morning, the shore of Kussharo-Lake is so noisy. Because of Ezo-Ugui. 

自然の力/power of water


The water pass which made for recovery of  spawning area, were closed by Flood. This is also natural disturbance.

大水のあとの生きものたち/wildlife after flood


After flood, be carefully to watch what is going on in Toyohira-river. You can find some interesting behavior of wildlife.  

増水すぎて/escape place


West Japan is terrible rain. Hokkaido is also a year of rain without ever. How the fishes were escaping high water ?

増水に注意です/Attention to increase in water


Rumoi, Kamikawa, Sorachi, Shiribeshii, etc. are hit by heavy rain. The rising river is so dangerous. This film covers a small river in Sapporo on the last day of June.

コムクドリを観察する/watching chestnut-cheeked starling


Film of chestnut-cheeked starling is available. I compare the figure with the illustrations and found the big difference.

豊平川の初夏の主役は?/Who is the main resident in early summer


It rains like every night, so Toyohira River is not clear. But you can find small fish are swimming. I understood well that it is actually more than it sees from the water surface.

鳥プロジェクト発足と室蘭支所統合/birds project & branch relocation


A new project began. We will show films of wild birds on  "birds in hokkaido". Also we merged Muroran branch to HQ. 

スマホでサケ稚魚/filming with smart phone


This film is made with a smart phone and a small water tank. It is so easy for everyone.[Muroran Branch]

生きるために/You need food to live.


You must eat something living things alive. I was able to film what they eat to live. [Muroran Branch]

サケ稚魚とヤマメが並んで/chum salmon juvenile and Masu salmon


We want to know what time juvenile go down the river. [Muroran Branch]

ふ化場の稚魚たちも元気です/Salmon babies from hathcery


The river in West-iburi area, the salmon hatchery finished releasing of this season. The water filled with babies! [Muroran Branch]

夜の川を再び撮影/valuable night view


Factory night view would be valuable for tourists. Same time, we can face to the other valuable view at the river. [Muroran Branch] 

愛すべきスナヤツメ/lovely far eastern brook lamprey


Far eastern brook lamprey is so lovely. I recommend to watch this film, to make your heart "hokkori". [Muroran Branch]

望遠レンズがやってきた/Long lens,now available


New long lens is now available, so we can film wildlife more. Also advance to 4K.

春らしさ探して/Looking for Spring


Couse of increased water in Sapporo, I went to Chitose-river to find Spring babies.

5月の増水/increased water in early of May


It is so hard to find Fish in increased water. But I found it in an unexpected place.

3月の終わりの川で/in the river at the end of Mar.


West Iburi area has become warmer and warmer ahead of Ishikari. babies are in and around the river. [Muroran Branch]

月明かりの下で/under the moon light


Under the moon light,are babies of chum salmon going to the sea? Just watch the river surface. [Muroran Brunch]


春の豊平川 産卵場回復試験区間をチェック/Spring! Following up trial area


Riverside snow are melting at Toyohira-river. We are waiting a baby of chum salmon coming out of gravel.

自然の流れが作るいい場所/the favorite place made by natural stream


When searching for salmon babies, you can see that "natural stream" is important.[Muroran Branch]

稚魚たちがいる場所は/babies and sunny place


Babies of chum salmon comes out from the gravel at middle section of the river in West-Iburi area. They stay at sunny place. [Muroran Branch]


胆振の川に春が来る/spring will come soon in iburi area


Spring comes day by day in west iburi area. The number of salmon baby is increasing.[Muroran Branch]

胆振西部の川でも稚魚が浮上/a baby comes out of gravel in west iburi area


2/17-18, I checked middle section and lower section of the river  in west iburi area. I found the first baby of chum salmon in 

this season. [Muroran branch]